Vox Solfeggio

Vox Solfeggio is an album of sacred music based on the healing vibrations of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies. These seven beautiful soundscapes (complimented with vocals by Wendy Rule) each correspond to a particular healing vibration that aligns with one of the body’s seven major energy centers, or chakras.

Everything in the Universe is vibrating – from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy – and when matter vibrates, it sends out waves of energy that are received by our ears as sound. The speed – or ‘frequency- of the wave determines the unique nature of the sound. The pitch of a musical note is determined by the speed of its wave. Slower waves create deeper sounds, faster waves, higher. Just as the vibration of matter creates sound, the opposite is also true – the experience of sound will cause matter (including our own bodies) to subtly vibrate. While some vibrations can create dissonance and disharmony in the body, other vibrations can send a ripple of peace and healing energy throughout our entire being. The Solfeggio sequence of frequencies has been known since ancient times to be a powerful gateway to profound healing. Each of these sacred frequencies aligns us with a particular cosmic healing vibration, connecting us to the harmony of the Universe, balancing our energy, and awakening us to health and harmony in our lives.

After studying the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, Timothy Van Diest created Vox Solfeggio as a powerful tool to use in meditation, ritual, and the Healing Arts – helping to align the body, mind, and spirit with the vibrational harmony of the cosmos. Featuring Wendy Rule