Beneath The Below Is A River

A colaboration with Craig Patterson, Beneath the Below is a River began life as a soundtrack to the short film ‘Hugo’, directed by Nicholas Verso. An otherworldy fantasy about a Moth Boy, the film lent itself to Wendy and Craig’s dark and dreamy visions. Thye were so pleased with the outcome of the soundtrack that they expanded it into a full length album.

The result is a beautiful trance-like journey into the Faerie realm. Wendy’s vocals become an instrument in themselves, free to explore the texture beyond lyrics.



1. The Way to the Wild

2. Cocoon

3. Lost Until Moonrise

4. Eyes Open

5. Exhale

6. Underwater

7. The Creature

8. Beneath the Below Is a River

9. The Hidden

10. Uncaptured

Released in 2008
Produced by Craig Patterson and Wendy Rule