NEW COURSE!  Starting June 4th

Wendy Rule invites you to join her for a month-long journey of ‘Positive Magic’, from one Full Moon to the next. Over the course of the month we’ll be guided by the energy of the Moon as she moves through her phases, letting go of our unwanted baggage during the Waning Moon, and focusing our visions of positive growth during the Waxing Moon. As well as daily audio meditations, we’ll perform four focused rituals to help us harness her nurturing power. However challenging we may be finding the current global situation, there is a sense of Magic in the unknown. The winds of change and transformation are blowing. By focusing our magical energies towards positivity, we can tilt our sails and harness this power, and a whole world of new possibilities can open up to us.


The next Positive Magic journey will begin on June 4th, 2020.

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The positive magic course is a fantastic way to reconnect back with yourself, find supportive community and engage with self growth and transformation. Not only are the meditations designed for an international audience, they can be done at your own pace, adjusted to feedback and engaged in a wide range of aspects. The rituals were very inclusive and allowed for a variety of different beliefs and materials available. I particularly enjoyed seeing other people’s journey and experiences. It was very soulful to connect with people celebrating the opposite wheel of the year and find commonalities together. I’d suggest it for anyone willing to deepen their connection with the moon, their goals and their environment.

Genevieve, South Australia

Positive Magic with Wendy was not only such a delight but also incredibly empowering to listen to daily! Her soothing, trance inducing, powerful voice and infinite wisdom created magic each moment I listened, which in turn set me up for a day full of intention and remembrance of who I really am. The daily meditations brought attention to my innate abilities of manifestation . Going through and following the cycle of the Moon for an entire month of positivity and magic with Wendy helped me to further connect to my own magic and divinity, as well as remind me that I am already living an enchanted life. What an absolutely breathtaking and beautiful journey!

Mary, USA

Journeying with Wendy and her Positive Magic course has been so nourishing and fulfilling. Don’t ask yourself ‘should I should I’ just do it! Join Wendy’s course and the Magic will flow naturally and beautifully into your life

Susan – Gold Coast Hinterland – Australia

The last month has been one of insights, challenges, tears, laughter and joy. The positive magic course has spoken to me on a very personal level, the daily meditations have pulled me through what has been a very difficult month. Giving me time to think and reflect through the dark and the light and the chakra rainbow. The rituals have reconnected me with the flow and ebb of the moon and I have thoroughly enjoyed the deep journey they have taken me on.

Danielle, Suffolk, UK.

I have just concluded the 30 days of Positive Magic with Wendy Rule and must say it exceeded all of my expectations and was well worth the money I paid. The daily meditations were amazing and I found Wendy’s approach and content to be very calming and soothing. The rituals made me feel I was truly in the room with her, very easy going with a natural flow. The Chakra PDF provided would be one of the most informative I have read. Thank you so much Wendy. I will definitely be joining in on the next one.

Caz. Queensland. Australia.

“Wendy Rule is such a positive force in the universe. Engage with her nourishing, healing and inspiring course. Align with your deepest inner desires. Manifest your hopes. In this time of confusion and fear, find the safety of true community guided by Wendy.”

Janine. Melbourne, Australia

I am writing to offer a recommendation for Wendy Rule’s Positive Magic course. It has been a great month of reflection and composure during the tough times of COVID 19. As I followed the course meditations, rituals and reflections my despair turned to solace and inspiration. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

Lisa, Queensland, Australia

I really enjoyed Wendy’s course following the cycles of the moon. Although not afraid to go to “darker” places, she is such a positive force that “Positive Magick” was a very fitting description for the course. Wendy has a very soothing voice and I often enjoyed listening to her and meditating right before bed. The course really helped to remind me again that magick is real and reality is malleable!

John Shiva, Hawaii

The Positive Magic Course gave me so much. It really enriched my connection to myself and to the natural world around me. I felt focused and clear about where i was going, who I am and what it is I am creating in my life and in my own being. I feel deeper and more connected to my true self and the Universe. It was altogether a very illuminating and magical journey for me. I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to do this and am definitely keen to do the next course. Much love and gratitude.

Heidi, Melbourne Australia

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For payments in Australian dollars, email Wendy for her bank details.

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