5 Week Lunar Magic Course


Do you love the Moon? Do you want to discover new ways of deepening your connection to her through ritual, mythology and Magic? This 5 week intensive provides the perfect opportunity for you experience a month of focused study and ritual in honour of our Lady Moon.

The course is open to all spiritual seekers who wish to gain a deeper connection to the cycles of Nature and our beautiful Moon, and provides a wonderful introduction to Wendy’s deep magical and spiritual insights and her unique personal teaching style. Perfect for beginners to ritual, and also advanced practitioners who are ready for a fresh approach to Lunar Magic, this intensive offers a unique and joyful opportunity for personal growth. This short course also provides a perfect ‘refresher course’ for previous Living a Life of Magic participants.


Beautifully written and informative booklets

MP3 Ritual recordings

Helpful instructional videos

Online Community sharing forum
We follow a single cycle of the Moon, from Full Moon, through Waning, Dark, Waxing and back to Full, experiencing the gifts of the Moon`s changes, and strengthening our connection with her Magical energies of healing and growth. Over the 5 week period, we will consciously move through one lunar cycle. As we explore the energy of each phase, we will come to recognise that this short cycle is a microcosm of the bigger cycles in our lives. We all go through periods of waxing, growing, increasing, moving out into the world setting our intentions. And we also go through times of drawing inward, finding stillness, letting go, resting, healing. What we learn about the Moon can be applied to all of the cycles in our lives.

Once you enroll, you’ll be sent instructions to set up your personal profile on our online education platform called “Schoology”. We will then upload an inspirational and informative booklet each week that focuses on the phase that the Moon is in. This will be supplemented with instructional videos, helpful links, and interactive online discussions with the group. But the highlight of the course will be the weekly rituals, presented as MP3 Audio recordings. Each ritual will guide the participant into a deep and meditative connection with the particular Lunar Phase that we are experiencing. With Wendy’s guided meditations – complemented by beautiful soundscapes created by her partner Timothy Van Diest – each ritual recording is a work of art that can be utilized again and again as a valuable Magical resource after the course in completed.


The Moon and her cycles
Creating a Lunar Altar
Lunar Magic
The Astronomy of the lunar phases
The Sacred Feminine: Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone
The healing power of the Dark Moon
Goal setting with the Waxing Moon
Manifestation with the Full Moon
Lunar Folklore
Lunar Astrology
The Divine Mother


WEEKLY INSTALLMENTS: $50 per week (Total $250). First week’s payment due by Friday November 24th, and following payment each Friday until Decenber 22nd . 

UPFRONT PAYMENT DISCOUNT:   20% Discount for upfront payment by November 24th: $200 total

“This has been an amazing journey through the lunar cycle. It has been a journey of inner healing from the heights of the full moon to the inner journeying of the dark moon and then to emerge reborn with the maiden. Wendy’s insights into the magickal realms and the out beautiful moon are thought provoking and lead to inner discovery. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to heighten their connection with the lunar cycles, magick and self healing”


NSW Australia

“I got so much out of this course. It gave me a connective understanding on how to navigate the lunar cycle and incorproate my love for Goddess Moon into my everyday rituals. I find myself looking at each day and consciously thinking about the moons influence on the days energy. How her energy will affect my spellwork or intentions, in order to achieve my desired effect. This past month has been a wealth of information and inspiriation. Thank you Wendy and Timothy for all your hard work and beautiful recordings. I will use them over and over again, as I continue my Lunar path”


California USA

“My intellectual understanding of the moon and everything associated with her has increased dramatically. More importantly to me though, my relationship with her has deepened and evolved. My ability to tune into the different energies of the phases, and understand and use them in my life is invaluable. This lunar month has been a very special, profound journey. Thank you Wendy for your knowledge, your passion, and your beautiful writings, rituals and music.”


Northern NSW, Australia

How to enroll in 5 Week Lunar Magic Course and payment info

Enrollment in our 5 Week Online Lunar Magic course is easy. Simply choose your payment option, click on the tab, and once you have made your full payment or first weekly installment, you will be sent an email with instructions for joining our online school. If you live in Australia, choose the AUD payment tabs. Anywhere else in the world, please choose USD tabs .

Any questions? Please contact Wendy on her dedicated Living a Life of Magic email : livingalifeofmagic@gmail.com