Blessings of Love and Magic at this Solstice time, my friends.

How good it feels to be safely back home in Santa Fe New Mexico after an epic 2 1/2 week road trip through Utah, Nevada and Arizona. We returned on Monday night, and now, in the heart of Yule (Midwinter), it’s perfect timing to begin my quiet Winter of focused creativity. You know, after almost two decades of international touring, I still find it a strange miracle that it’s Summer for the other half of the world! Solstices are such powerful times – holding the potency of opposites, reminding us that Nature is always in balance. I wish all my Southern Hemisphere friends at blessed and joyful Litha (Midsummer), and my Northern friends a deep and peaceful Yule.




I have loads of photos and stories to share from the tour, but before I launch into that, I want to share with you an exciting series of events that Tim and I have planned for 2018. Starting on January 1st, we are going to be live streaming a concert / ritual for every Full Moon of 2018! More often than not, we’ll record the concerts in our living room, welcoming you into our cosy little adobe home to share the Magic of each Full Moon. Each concert will be themed around the astrological sign that the Full Moon is in – beginning with the Cancer Full Moon on the 1st. I’ll include songs, stories, and guided meditations. You can tune in to the live streaming free of charge (we’ll have a donation button for those who are feeling generous and appreciative), and if the timing doesn’t suit you (time zones etc) each concert will be available for download a day or two later for a small fee. We’re adding the finishing touches to my website right now, and it will be ready for streaming in just a few days, so I’ll send you a reminder and link etc ASAP. OK, now for a recap of that rather epic and somewhat challenging Southwest USA tour: We began by heading North, through the beautiful mountains of Colorado, spending a night at Grand Junction, before arriving in Salt Lake City in time for our Full Moon concert. The next day we left early and began to make our way toward Reno Nevada, stopping, despite the cold, to embrace the strange beauty of the Great Salt Lake.




That’s salt you’re seeing there, not water!

It was a couple of hours further down the highway that we ran into some trouble. The fresh snowfall had hidden a patch of black ice on busy I-80 , and before you know it, our car was sliding out of control into the centre median strip at nearly 60 mph. Truly terrifying, as you can imagine. We had that whole ‘time slows down’ thing, and when the car finally came to a halt, we calmly checked in with each other and thankfully discovered that we weren’t injured. A blessed Juniper tree had stopped our trajectory and saved us from rolling. A miracle. I am still so full of gratitude to that tree, and to the Universe for taking care of us.

I have a special and sacred relationship with Juniper trees, beginning ten years ago with the precious Juniper berry necklace that Tim made me when we first fell in love. (Those of you who are familiar with my album Black Snake will recognise that story from my song ‘Juniper’). Since then I’ve spent lots and lots of time in the Juniper woodlands of New Mexico. Each day that I’m here I hike into the nearby mountains and give thanks to these beautiful trees. Before I left for tour I created a Juniper Yule altar at home.  I definitely didn’t want to hurt any living tree, so I decided to simply gather what I could ‘by hook or by crook’. I found a beautiful dead branch, and a few fallen green twigs, and created a magical foresty Yule spectacular.  Somehow I think that the Juniper that saved our lives in the middle of the highway was tapping into the great respect and love that I had showed its kinfolk.



Miraculously, after getting towed to the nearest town the local mechanic fixed our tires and we could drive away the next morning – the car a little worse for wear, but still going! And on indeed we went, with shows in Reno and Las Vegas, before taking a well earned break for 3 days at the Grand Canyon. Although I’d briefly visited this natural wonder with my son Reuben when he was a kid ( maybe 12 or 13 years ago?), I was still awestruck. And this time I had two full days to hike and explore. Oh, it was wonderful! Nothing prepares you for that epic union of Earth, and Sky, River and Time. We arrived as the sun was setting, and the next morning I was up bright and early to watch the sunrise over the rim of the canyon. Here’s a few pics:


Early Morning View                                                                            Sunrise Selfie



             A pic of me by a fellow traveller at dawn


Tim and I hiked along the rim that day, and hung out with many a huge raven. Then , the following day I took a four hour hike into the canyon – well worth the climb on the way back up 🙂



And of course, I spent plenty of time honouring the ancient Junipers along the Canyon’s rim:



An unplanned bonus was the fact that our visit to the Grand Canyon coincided with the Geminid Meteor shower. After my long hike earlier in the day, I went to bed early last Wednesday night, then set an alarm for 2am Thursday morning – the expected peak of the meteor shower. Tim and I rugged up in the warmest clothes we had, took a thermos of tea, and walked out to the canyon rim. We were not disappointed. In the hour or so we spent in the biting cold we witnessed dozens of spectacular shooting stars.

Then it was on to Phoenix Arizona, for a concert with the charming and talented Adam Smith. You can check out some of the live footage from our concert here: .  After a pleasant day in the nearby park with Adam and Tim – (singing together, sharing stories, delighting in Nature and art) – Tim and I continued on to Mesa AZ, for our Dark Moon concert by an outdoor hearth fire in a beautiful garden, followed by my Persephone workshop the following day.

We set off bright and early on Monday morning for the 8 hour drive that would get us home before dark. And what a drive! Highway 60 from Arizona to New Mexico must rate as one of the most beautiful drives in the country. Spectacular and every changing scenery – from the giant cactuses standing like sentinels through the Arizona desert, through the scarily steep hairpin bends of the stunning Salt River Canyon, and on through the strange lava landscapes of El Malpais in New Mexico.



And finally our own sweet home, and a chance to rest between adventures.

Thanks for reading folks. I’ll be in touch again in the next few days with all the info you need to access our Full Moon live streaming concert on January 1st.

All my Love and blessings for whatever it is that you celebrate at this special time of year.