I’ve just returned from a trip to Faerieland - in this instance the wonderful New York Faerie Festival in upstate New York. And there, in the spirit of make-believe, I witnessed people of all shapes and sizes and ages leave behind their everyday world and slip...

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Hello fellow Earthlings It's the 13th of June - two days before I set off on tour again, and only 2 weeks since I returned from the last one. I feel I haven't quite recovered yet from a very complex, exciting, and at times challenging six week journey that began in...

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ON THE EVE OF DEPARTURE I’ve just returned from a walk to my hill - along Little Tesuque Creek, then a climb through the dry, gnarled bonsai forest of Juniper and Pinon, past low spiked agave and prickly pear cactus, to reach the crest of the ridge as the Sun was...

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On Being the Parent of an Excellent Grown Up

Hello wonderful folks Today marks the crossing of a very important threshold in my life. My son Reuben is setting out in his first international tour, as one of the members of the excellent Melbourne based band RVG. In my scheme of things, this equates to...

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Creative Visions for 2018

  Hello fellow journeyers It’s been a powerful start to 2018, launching, as it did, with that epic Full Supermoon on January 1st. The last couple of weeks seem to have flown by, and already the first Dark Moon of the year is upon us, ushering in its earthy Capricorn...

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Epic Southwest Road Trip

  Blessings of Love and Magic at this Solstice time, my friends. How good it feels to be safely back home in Santa Fe New Mexico after an epic 2 1/2 week road trip through Utah, Nevada and Arizona. We returned on Monday night, and now, in the heart of Yule...

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